For Roswell churches, a sign serves a greater purpose than simply relaying logistics. As a first impression and ongoing touchpoint, signage reflects the warmth, heritage and values of the congregation. Tangerine Sign Studio approaches every church sign project as an opportunity to strengthen communities through meaningful messaging and materials.

More Than a Sign: Creating Connections

At Tangerine Sign Studio, we recognize that a church sign is more than planks and posts—it’s a chance to welcome visitors, commemorate events and capture the essence of the congregation. With Church signage expertise, our team brings a spiritual sensitivity to sign projects of all scopes. Whether fabricating a large monument sign or engraved donor plaque, we thoughtfully craft signage that connects churches and communities.

Getting to Know You

We begin the signage process by getting to know the heartbeat of your house of worship. Understanding your church’s personality, heritage and vision is key to creating signage that feels like home. We’ll discuss:

  • Church history and founding
  • Denomination and values
  • Demographics and congregation culture
  • Facilities, architecture and aesthetics
  • Past signage and current needs
  • Vision for sign location, size, materials and messaging

This insight allows us to design and fabricate custom sign solutions that authentically represent your church’s spirit.

Quality Sign Materials

In addition to resonant messaging, we build signs to last from superior materials:

Monument Signs

For free-standing monument signs placed in the church yard, we recommend using thick, durable substrates that can withstand weathering. Popular options include:

  • Cast stone – Gorgeous material made from concrete and natural aggregates; intricate shapes possible
  • Brick – Timeless, traditional material that feels substantial and blends into landscaping
  • Metal – Lightweight but sturdy, easily forms bold shapes and letters

Building Signage

Where allowed by city ordinance, we can fabricate dimensional lettering and logos for mounting directly on exterior brickwork and walls. Metal and acrylic options hold up well in outdoor settings.

Plaques & Donations

Small signs like interior plaques and donor walls often feature brass, bronze or acrylic materials. Laser engraving creates crisp, defined lettering on these elegant substrates.

Getting Granular on Sign Codes

As a full-service sign company, Tangerine Sign Studio handles all permitting needs with the City of Roswell—taking the hassle out of deciphering local sign codes. We’ll advise on size regulations, placement rules and material restrictions to ensure your new monument sign or building signage stays compliant. With deep roots in the north Atlanta area, we maintain excellent rapport with City officials to facilitate friendly reviews and quick approvals.

Installation & Lighting

Our in-house team handles the entire signage process from design to fabrication to professional installation and lighting. For monument signs, we excavate holes, pour concrete footings to spec and erect supportive posts and frames. Electrical work and LED illumination can highlight architectural details. We fine-tune elements like letter spacing to perfection so your sign makes the best first impression possible.

The Tangerine Touch

As a top-rated sign company serving churches across metro Atlanta, Tangerine Sign Studio strives to infuse projects with purpose and poise. Our seasoned experts thoughtfully design, craft and install monument signs, building signage, plaques and more to help Roswell houses of worship connect with their flocks. With custom sign solutions from Tangerine, churches can extend a genuine welcome and inspire engagement within church walls and beyond.