At Tangerine Sign Studio, we recognize that a lobby sign serves as a pivotal first impression for visitors to your establishment. More than just décor, these displays reinforce your brand identity through quality design and strategic messaging. Our tailored process draws from specialty experience crafting signs that immediately capture attention in high-traffic spaces. We guide each project from concept to completion to produce stunning showpieces that promote our clients’ unique brands.

Step 1: In-Depth Consultation and Design Direction

The process begins by gaining an intimate understanding of your business, including your values, aesthetics and target demographics. Through an extensive consultation, our design experts learn what stylistic and thematic elements best reflect your brand essence. We conceptualize layouts, color palettes, and graphical visuals tailored to your goals, presenting initial drafts for your feedback. It is through open collaboration that we create finalized designs that align with your vision.

Step 2: Premium Materials and Technical Construction

With the design complete, our focus transitions to fabricating quality display pieces. Our lobby signs are hand-crafted in-house by our skilled artisans, bringing digital drafts into tangible products. We offer a wide selection of durable, elegant materials from sleek metals and engraved wood to crystal-clear acrylics and glass. Our specialists combine artistic talent with technical expertise, engineering sturdy structures and mounting systems made to last for years in high-traffic spaces.

Step 3: Innovative Lighting for Maximum Visibility and Appeal

Lighting plays a pivotal role in ensuring lobby signs grab attention, so we incorporate customized illuminations into each piece. Back lighting creates eye-catching translucent graphics perfect for acrylic substrates. Front lighting emphasizes dimensional lettering and logos with a spotlight effect. For abundant ambient light spaces, halo lighting delicately outlines graphics. And for optimal day and night visibility, external illuminations directly spotlight the entire display. Our innovative lighting solutions prioritize aesthetics and engagement.

Step 4: Seamless Installation and Strategic Placement

Our experienced installers oversee the entire lobby sign mounting process start to finish, ensuring a smooth transition from fabrication to final placement. We evaluate interior architecture, seating arrangements and traffic patterns to determine optimal positioning. Signs placed at average eye level maximize visibility and engagement as visitors pause and look up. Directional icons subtly guide foot traffic towards key locations. All mounting systems are specially matched to wall structures for secure installations that conclude our start-to-finish lobby signage service.

Ongoing Quality and Care

The final step is providing ongoing maintenance to keep signs looking pristine over months and years. From professional cleaning services to lighting repairs and graphic refreshes, we offer comprehensive upkeep. Constructed from quality materials under warranty, our signs are designed to promote our clients’ brands for the long run. When striking, communicative lobby signage is a priority for your Atlanta establishment, rely on Tangerine Sign Studio’s specialized creative and installation services.