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Custom ADA signs

At Tangerine Sign Studio, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality ADA-compliant signage that promotes accessibility, inclusivity, and intuitive navigation. We understand that for individuals with disabilities, ineffective or non-compliant signage can create frustrating obstacles that prevent equal access to spaces and information. Our extensive range of solutions, including tactile, braille, wayfinding, and informational signs, empowers businesses to meet ADA standards while better serving the needs of all visitors. Read on to learn how our signs foster independent navigation and enhance accessibility.

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Braille signs bridge communication barriers by translating crucial textual information into an accessible format. At Tangerine Sign Studio, we leverage technological advances to fabricate signs with accurately spaced, sized, and configured grade 2 braille dots. Our signs promote readability through thoughtful material and finish selection, with color contrasts and tactile qualities optimized for those with low vision.

All braille translations are certified accurate before final production in our local fabrication facility. The resulting signs adhere to ADA guidelines while seamlessly integrating into any interior design aesthetic through custom sizing and color matching options. By providing essential details in braille alongside standard text, businesses demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity in a dignified, non-stigmatizing manner.


Tactile signs feature raised characters, symbols, and pictograms that convey essential information non-visually through touch. At Tangerine Sign Studio, we fabricate durable tactile signs from long-lasting materials designed to maintain definition despite frequent contact. Our team ensures all signs meet ADA standards for character height, stroke thickness, spacing, and finish contrast. This ensures those with vision impairments can efficiently decipher content.

We also educate clients on optimal mounting locations by considering pedestrian traffic flow and typical usage. For example, room numbers positioned to the latch side of doors place identifying information right in reach of cane users upon entry. Such thoughtful placement makes environments intuitive to navigate without assistance. By combining tactile cues with braille for redundancy, we create maximally accessible informational signs suited to a wide range of needs and abilities.


Environments that lack clear visual or tactile navigational cues disorient visitors and reduce accessibility for those visually impaired. Tangerine Sign Studio’s comprehensive ADA-compliant wayfinding signage solutions enable intuitive circulation through built spaces. Our design process begins by mapping key decision points and assessing overall traffic flow and layout quirks. These insights inform sign placement for continuous assistance without frustration. We specify legible fonts and high contrast colors to maximize readability, even at a distance or for those with low vision.

Include tactile maps, directories, and clear symbols for an intuitive flow that empowers visitors to navigate independently. Our ADA-compliant wayfinding systems create a stress-free experience. Contact Tangerine Sign Studio for a free consultation!


Room Identification

Informational signs provide crucial directives, alerts, and advisories to visitors. However, text-only presentations create barriers for those managing visual or literacy challenges. Tangerine Sign Studio produces information-rich signage using straightforward language and internationally recognized pictograms to increase comprehension. By consulting ADA guidelines, we determine appropriate character heights and stroke thicknesses for visibility. We then engineer sign finishes, such as color contrasts, that further boost legibility at a distance and enable detection via cane sweep.

Other accessibility best practices, from mounting heights facilitating unobstructed touch to proximity near points of need, amplify usefulness. The resulting signs effectively communicate vital content about occupancy limits, mask policies, or restroom locations to the widest possible audience.