Dimensional Letter Signs

Custom dimensional letter signs

Elevating mundane signage by adding artistic flair and sleek elegance to business exteriors. The three-dimensional nature casts unique shadows while protruding from walls to capture attention. Tangerine Sign Studio offers discerning establishment owners fully customized dimensional lettering in materials exuding quality and built to endure for decades.

Just as versatile as our clientele, our dimensional letters unite buildings and brands through shared design language. Backlit crystal acrylic letters radiate modern refinement. Intricate metal letterforms bridge tradition with contemporary allure. From boutique storefronts to towering hotels, let dimensional letters welcome patrons inside to experience the heart of your brand. 

  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Back Lit
  • Aluminum


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POPULAR Dimensional Letter Sign PRODUCTS


Few materials marry artistic expression with functionality as effortlessly as crystal acrylic. Dimensional acrylic lettering from Tangerine Sign Studio delivers eye-catching brilliance through daytime translucency and nighttime illumination.

Precision CNC routing, shapes acrylic into pristine letterforms with crystal clarity. Edge lighting technology projects LED light through letters for luminosity rivaling neon signs. We design mounting brackets keeping dimensional acrylic letters securely fastened to structures while permitting easy maintenance.


From rugged to refined, dimensional metal lettering brings powerful durability and artistry to business signage applications. Tangerine Sign Studio leverages advanced fabrication methods to shape metals such as aluminum and steel into customized letterforms and logos. Your brand story deserves to be told through metal.

Aluminum is ideal for large-scale creative visions.We design mounting solutions allowing these oversized letters to seamlessly occupy brick facades and building rooflines. For establishments preferring intricate details, steel’s versatility allows for intricate details, offering depth, texture, and idiosyncrasies that reflect brand identities.

Back Lit

Certain brands shine even brighter after dark. Illuminated dimensional letters transform buildings into beacons, guiding customers towards your business. Tangerine Sign Studio creates backlit signs that provide exceptional clarity, intrigue, and energy during evening hours.

Backlit construction integrates LED illumination fully into the rear of dimensional letterforms. Letters appear opaque during daylight hours. Then at dusk, flip the switch to reveal letters bathed in eye-catching luminosity. We design lighting schemes aligning with your hours of operation and neighborhood aesthetics.


Aluminum’s unmatched blend of strength, versatility and affordability empowers businesses to promote identities through sizable, artistic dimensional letters. Tangerine Sign Studio leverages aluminum’s natural flexibility, by shaping the lightweight material into customized letterforms built to endure.

From delicate details to oversized architectural signage, aluminum letters bring concepts to life impervious to weathering and wear for decades. Our aluminum letters are primed for customization, allowing for a wide range of finishes and powder coating in any color to match your brand palette. They also accommodate creative back lighting schemes for enhanced nighttime presence.