Sign Permitting

Custom sign permitting

In many cities, municipalities, and even some neighborhoods, certain types of signs must be approved by a governing body before being installed. If you’re looking to purchase a new sign for your business, permitting is an important step. While many people are aware of the permitting process, some people install signs without a permit unknowingly and they can be forced to pay a fine or remove the sign entirely.

Permitting for signs is often misunderstood and occasionally overlooked. In this article, we will strive to clear up some confusion surrounding sign permitting. We will also discuss how working with our team of local pros can help ensure your new sign not only looks great, but has the proper permitting as well.



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What Types of Signs Require Permits?

If you are installing a new sign inside your business or on private property which doesn’t face a public area, there is a good chance you won’t need a permit. For any other type of sign, a permit is likely a necessity. Permits are typically required for any monument sign, post-mounted sign, or a sign mounted to the outside of a building. Permits are required for multiple reasons depending on the municipality. For the most part, a sign permit is required to ensure the sign isn’t impeding the public’s view, isn’t in the right-of-way or infringing on someone else’s land, and/or isn’t unsightly.

How Do I Get a Permit?

If you have determined a permit will be likely for your new sign, getting one can vary in difficulty depending on where your property is located. In some areas, the permit can be applied for online and all correspondence can be handled virtually, including submission of all supporting documents. However, in other municipalities you might be required to fill out an application in person or even meet with code enforcement officials prior to receiving the sign permit.

Can You Assist with Sign Permitting?

If you are worried about getting all the necessary permits for your new sign, we can help. Our team of sign experts has dealt with permits on behalf of our clients in almost any county, city, and/or municipality in North Atlanta, so we know exactly what is necessary in most instances to ensure you get exactly what you need. Because we have experience working with city officials, we can typically get permits back quickly and get your signs installed on time.

If you’re looking to install a new sign in Marietta, Cumming, Alpharetta, Woodstock, or anywhere in the North Atlanta area, we would love to help you. To learn more about our local sign production business and/or ask additional questions about permitting, give us a call today.