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Do your school signs meet the diverse needs of students, staff, and visitors? At Tangerine Sign Studio, we understand the unique signage needs of schools and educational institutions. Our expert team specializes in crafting durable, long-lasting, and visually compelling signs that enhance navigation, communication, branding, and safety across school campuses. We offer a comprehensive range of tailored products including banners, wayfinding sign systems, parking management signs, illuminated IDs and entrance monuments. All are designed to provide students, staff, visitors and surrounding communities clarity while representing your schools unique identity.

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Banners provide schools highly visible and versatile signage to showcase special events, academic achievements, athletic victories and other important messages. We create custom vinyl banners designed to withstand the elements across seasons so your communication maintains integrity. Strategic placement along fences or on buildings enables exposure to the widest possible internal and external audience. For schools in Woodstock, GA and the Greater Atlanta Metro region, vibrant event banners promote functions welcoming parents like open houses, science fairs, or theater productions. They also build school spirit for major athletic games and events. Our banners utilize premium weather resistant latex inks and durable fabric backings built to maintain school colors and legibility for months of continuous outdoor exposure. Imagine the possibilities! Let Tangerine Sign Studio be your partner in creating impactful signage for your next school event.

Wayfinding Signs

Navigating expansive campuses dotted with scattered buildings can prove challenging, especially for first-time students, visiting parents, substitute teachers and guest lecturers. Our expertly designed wayfinding signage systems remedy disorientation issues by mapping routes and directing pedestrians to desired destinations like classrooms, administration offices, dining halls, restrooms and athletic facilities.

Strategic wayfinding guides improve efficiency, reduce confusion and provide welcoming cues across education centers. We tailor cohesive sign families to every institutions unique architecture, branding, and spatial layout. Imagine the positive impact on your students, staff, and visitors with a well-designed wayfinding system. Are you ready to discuss how Tangerine Sign Studio can help?

Entrance Signs

The entry sequence provides visitors’ first impressions of educational institutions upon approaching campuses. Our architects design iconic monument signs that reflect each school’s unique identity, values and vision right at the property line. We fabricate sturdy sign structures from stone, brick and metal tailored to complement existing architecture. These frames elegantly house dimensional lettering or logo markings backlit to ensure clear visibility during evening and nighttime hours.

Prominent illuminated entrance monuments establish welcoming arrival markers while representing brands beyond core buildings. The long-lasting signs communicate gravitas and give students, staff, alumni and visitors alike reasons to feel pride, purpose and belonging throughout daily commutes or event visits. Make a lasting first impression. A prominent, illuminated entrance monument from Tangerine Sign Studio welcomes visitors and showcases your brand pride. Let’s discuss your vision!

Parking Signs

Properly managing limited parking availability while maintaining orderly traffic flow remains crucial for school and university campuses facilitating thousands of students commuting daily. Our long-lasting parking signs fabricated from weatherproof metals clearly designate permitted areas for staff, students, visitors, handicap access, buses, and deliveries using legible text, recognizable pictograms and directional arrows. Sign families also incorporate reserved space numbers and regulatory information like enforced hours.

Clear and consistent parking designations, displayed both curbside and along interior roadways, act as daily wayfinders for drivers. This reduces congestion, improves emergency response times, and minimizes circling that pollutes the air. Ready to create a more organized, secure, and sustainable campus environment? We can design a custom parking signage solution for your institution.