LED Video Walls

Custom led video walls

Tangerine Sign Studio unlocks the potential of digital signage with limitless possibilities for captivating audiences. Our state-of-the-art LED video walls deliver high-resolution visuals, dynamic content, and impressive scale to revolutionize branding and communication. We handle everything from display configuration to content creation, maximizing your promotional impact. Explore the possibilities for your business with a free consultation today!

  • Informational Boards
  • LED Walls
  • Outdoor Branding
  • Indoor LED Screens


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Informational Boards

Informational boards prominently display dynamic data like weather forecasts, flight numbers, and public transportation schedules. Tangerine Sign Studio’s LED video walls optimize readability with ample screen size, crisp resolution, and intuitive placement.

Vivid LED displays broadcast travel statuses and wayfinding details to audiences in transit hubs and station concourses. Eateries and coffee shops enhance ambiance through serene nature video backdrops. Corporate lobbies immerse guests within data visualizations reflecting company growth and capabilities.

Tangerine Sign Studio handles technical specifications like processing speeds, display dimensions, and enclosure options for powering reliable informational boards built to deliver nonstop updates.

LED Walls

Transform your branding with Tangerine Sign Studio’s LED video walls. Vivid imagery, dynamic animations, and rotating promotions grab attention and keep audiences engaged. Showcase products with lifestyle visuals, tempt customers with mouthwatering restaurant menus, or tell your brand story through captivating narratives. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures vibrant content creation that resonates with any audience. Let us help you make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression.

Outdoor Branding/Advertisement

Imagine your brand lighting up the night sky, grabbing attention from both pedestrians and drivers with dynamic visuals.At Tangerine Sign Studio, we create weatherproof LED video walls specifically designed for building exteriors.

Our durable signage features sturdy casings, ventilation systems, and brightness adjustments for optimal visibility, rain or shine. Eye-catching motion graphics draw attention from afar, promoting grand openings, upcoming events, or seasonal campaigns with complete scheduling flexibility. Ditch the static signage – let Tangerine Sign Studio help you make a bold statement that shines 24/7 and transforms your building into a mesmerizing beacon.

Indoor LED Screens

Elevate your space with Indoor LED Video screens and go beyond static signage. Tangerine Sign Studio installs high-resolution LED video walls perfect for lobbies, conference rooms, and more. Captivate audiences in corporate, education, hospitality, and retail settings. Showcase products, recognize donors, or announce sales with stunning visuals and interactive features. Motivate teams, inform stakeholders, and wow visitors with dynamic content. Let us transform your space today!