Retail Shops

Custom retail shop signs

At Tangerine Signs, our mission is clear – to create retail shop signs that make your business stand out. With expertise and quality craftsmanship, we design compelling signs that transform ordinary storefronts into magnetic invitations for customers. But a sign is more than just slapping on a logo. It requires choosing the right signage to represent your brand, fit your space, and engage your target audience. Explore our impactful signage solutions for retail shops and discover how each caters to your specific business needs. We cover the key details on wall graphics, window graphics, channel letter signs, banners, and wayfinding signs. Contact us when you’re ready to create signage that boosts visibility and drives more customers to your door.

  • Window Graphics
  • Wall Graphics
  • Banners
  • Wayfinding Signs


Window Graphics

Creative window graphics catch the eye of passing pedestrians, enticing them to stop and engage further with your business. Materials range from sleek cut vinyls to frosted films that stimulate visual interest in your products or services.

Bring dull storefront windows to life and display featured items, daily specials, or seasonal collections to outside foot traffic without obstructing interior light. Our see-through window graphics come in matte or gloss finishes for a polished look and allow for easy application and updates.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics add visual flair while presenting key information right at eye level inside your retail space. From digitally printed murals and wall wraps to branded decals, we create impactful designs that enhance your business’ atmosphere.

Bring barren walls to life with promotional or motivational messaging, or simply add decorative elements that match your brand. We can produce custom wall graphics of any size and shape using high quality, long-lasting materials that install quickly without hassle. Refresh stale interiors or direct foot traffic flow using these versatile and easy-to-update interior wall graphics.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs deliver powerful curb appeal and visibility day and night. Three-dimensional illuminated letters can be customized by size, shape and color to match your brand. Backlighting or front-lighting ensures these signs are unmistakable mounted on your building or atop a raceway. 

Our channel letter signs use durable aluminum and acrylic to withstand weather and time. The bold, sleek look makes them ideal for large retail stores and shopping centers to establish a consistent, recognizable appearance.


Banners provide maximum exposure for sales events, grand openings, seasonal promotions, and more. Highly visible and customizable, these signs come in varied sizes, materials and finishes to fit your brand and venue.

Our banners use vivid printing technology on durable vinyl, PVC, and fabric for eye-catching indoor/outdoor displays. Lightweight designs make banners easily transportable and versatile for any event or multi-location promotion. 

Wayfinding Signs

In large multi-floor retail spaces, wayfinding signs are crucial for customer navigation, reducing confusion and frustration. These signs adeptly guide traffic flow to enhance the shopping experience.

Our wayfinding signs balance functional clarity with aesthetic appeal. From mall directories to icons leading to exits or restrooms, we create signage that’s helpful yet on-brand. Custom typography, icons and finishes align with your business’s look and feel while ensuring readability.

At Tangerine Signs, we create more than just signs – we help businesses thrive through unique, high-impact signage that represents your brand and drives results. Whether you need window graphics, wall graphics, channel letters, banners or wayfinding signage, our expertise will ensure your message is seen and understood. Ready to transform your retail storefront with the perfect signs? Contact us today to increase visibility and customer engagement.