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Custom church signs

At Tangerine Sign Studio, we create church signs to help your parish, ministry, or religious organization make a lasting visual impression. With quality craftsmanship and a spiritual sensibility, we design signage that communicates your message while complementing the architecture and landscaping of your worship space. But what types of signs should modern religious institutions use to maximize visibility and engagement both on-site and throughout the community? Explore our church signage solutions to discover which options best fit your needs and make your house of worship stand out.

  • LED Signs
  • Banners
  • Lightbox Signs
  • Monument Signs


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LED Signs

LED signs provide churches dynamic messaging capabilities right on their property. These electronic displays feature bright screens that rotate through upcoming events, service times, inspirational quotes, and promotional messages. With vivid colors, versatile programming, and visibility day or night, LED signs capture the attention of both members and neighbors passing by your place of worship. 

Ready to take your community engagement to the next level? With Tangerine Sign Studio discover the possibilities of LED messaging.



Highly customizable banners come in a range of styles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on worship center grounds. Churches can utilize these signs to announce seasonal events, fundraising initiatives, or community outreach programs. Thanks to lightweight construction and portability, it’s simple to relocate banners to alternate entry points or off-site venues as needs evolve. 

Showcase your events! Need help finding the perfect spot for banners that welcome everyone? Get a free quote for banner design and placement services.

Monument Signs

Monument signs provide an ideal way for religious organizations to identify their main campus entryways using permanent yet stylish displays. These signs feature supportive structures doubling as picture frames for showcasing your church or ministry’s name, logo, or custom imagery. We craft monuments tailored to match existing architecture while highlighting your brand identity.

Let our design team help you visualize the impact a monument sign can have on your religious organization. Contact Tangerine Sign Studio to schedule a free consultation today!

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs situated along busy roads act as beacons to guide the community to houses of worship tucked away from main roads. These tall, pillar-style displays provide enhanced visibility and flexible messaging for institutions needing high visibility above obstructions. We engineer pylons to withstand wind and other weather while integrating adjustable lettering or digital screens to promote activities. 

Conquer visibility issues: Pylon signs rise above traffic, landscaping, and competing signage, ensuring your house of worship is easily seen.

Lightbox Signs

​Lightbox signs bathe messages in eye-catching illumination for superior visibility along shadowy roads or walkways at night. These illuminated poster displays provide a modern way for congregations to announce events, share inspiring quotes, or provide directionals across darker areas of properties. Sleek and vandal resistant, lightboxes make spiritual messaging pop. 

Keep your mission in sight! Lightbox signs are a perfect way to share your inspirational message after dark. Contact us to discuss design options.

At Tangerine Sign Studio, we create more than just church signs—we help religious organizations grow by crafting unique signage solutions that represent their faith and welcome new members. From LED signs to banners, monuments to pylons, our designs make your presence known. Ready to spread your message further with high-impact church signage? Let’s talk about the possibilities!