Mall Signs

Custom mall signs

As visual ambassadors for vibrant retail communities, the signage welcoming visitors into shopping complexes conveys pivotal first impressions while guiding patrons to desired stores. Towering pylon monuments topped with tenant names guide vehicles from highways to bustling parking zones. Dimensional building letters etched along exteriors establish brand identities that beckon shoppers inside. Directional displays then continue steering foot traffic toward zones while artful window graphics showcase the latest retailer offerings.

We understand the monumental roles signage plays in amplifying mall visibility, optimizing interior traffic flows and showcasing tenant identities across complexes interwoven into the fabric of suburban life. As a leading sign company serving malls and retail power centers, Tangerine Sign Studio has partnered with owners, operators and managers to create sign solutions that make properties shine. Let’s explore how impactful signage packages make malls magnets for community commerce.

  • Pylon Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Window Graphics
  • Channel Letter Signs


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Pylon Signs

Street-level pylon signs leverage powerful visibility near mall ingress and along ring roads to direct incoming shoppers toward designated parking zones categorized by retailers. Towering steel pylon structures situated along sightlines effectively capture attention.

Vivid tenant sign panels on two to three sides identify essential store names, logos and directional arrows. Digital displays integrate to promote daily deals, community initiatives, mall hours or upcoming events. Durable frames uphold weatherproof sign faces sized for readable details.

Strategically positioned mall pylon signs help steer patrons directly to desired destinations.

Directional Signs

Effectively navigating sprawling shopping complexes starts with intuitive directional and map signage placed at strategic decision points. As wayfinding experts, Tangerine Sign Studio analyzes primary interior traffic flows to determine precise sign placements indicating pathways toward key zones.

Visual cues like directory maps, floor levels, color coding, icons and arrows optimize comprehension for visitors crossing expansive concourses. Informational displays near common areas provide an overview of inline and anchor stores. Durable materials withstand exposure while retaining legibility.

Let Tangerine Sign Studio deploy directional signage guiding shoppers seamlessly toward destinations.

Window Graphics

Engaging window graphics along storefronts turn glass into captivating canvases displaying brand stories, products and promotions. Our custom window decals catch glances from bustling concourses with logo branding, menu highlights, sales announcements and seasonal specials.

Translucent vinyl graphics maintain visibility into stores while presenting vibrant imagery and text. Strategic design aligns window graphics with existing branding in style, color scheme and font choices for continuity. Let Tangerine Sign Studio make storefronts shine through impactful window graphics.

Channel Letter Signs

Illuminated channel letter signs prominently identify individual storefronts along retail corridors. As experts producing these versatile signs, Tangerine Sign Studio constructs gorgeous custom letters built to shine.

Bold aluminum and sleek acrylic options project dimensional depth and integrate lighting seamlessly into returns. Contemporary slim-line letters also add modern flair. Back lighting and creative neon further captivate shoppers. Let channel letters welcome patrons into store interiors.

ADA Signage

The ADA establishes crucial regulations requiring braille and tactile translations enabling intuitive navigation for visually and physically impaired shoppers. As ADA compliance specialists, Tangerine Sign Studio advises retail clients on required upgrades.

Our tactile signs incorporate essential raised characters and braille meeting ADA standards for directories, elevators, restrooms and parking facilities. We audit existing signage to determine areas needing improved accessibility, then handle fabricating and installing intuitive tactile wayfinding packages.

Signage Built to Improve Malls

Our experts view malls as living ecosystems that thrive through intuitive sign systems designed to guide, inform, include and inspire. We approach signage consulting through partnership, seeking to deeply understand your mall’s unique needs and possibilities. Contact Tangerine Sign Studio today to explore how impactful sign solutions can help your retail complex shine for years to come. Our locally crafted signs aim to not only meet operational needs, but help mall environments thrive

The signage needs spanning vibrant retail complexes demand durable materials engineered to withstand decades of exposure, strategic placements capturing traffic sightlines, and intuitive messaging guiding visitors to destinations. Contact us today to learn more.