Outdoor Building Signs

Custom outdoor building signs

Outdoor building signage plays a crucial role in boosting brand visibility within communities. At Tangerine Sign Studio, we specialize in crafting exterior sign solutions that effectively announce business identities, provide navigational cues, and showcase current offerings to passersby.

Our local sign studio proudly serves Atlanta-area enterprises and institutions, creating outdoor signage that communicates identities clearly while seamlessly integrating with architectural styles and community aesthetics. Discover how our high-performing outdoor signs can leave a lasting impression on your audience and elevate your brand presence. Let Tangerine Sign Studio help you make a statement with your outdoor signage.

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POPULAR Outdoor Building Sign PRODUCTS

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are dynamic visual ambassadors, not merely storefront markers. they’re bold statements that draw eyes to your business. At Tangerine Sign Studio, we specialize in creating bold statements that draw attention to your business. Our illuminated channel letters, made of bold aluminum and sleek acrylic, seamlessly integrate lighting elements for maximum visibility day and night, tailored to your brand palette.

Whether in a bustling corridor or a high-traffic pedestrian zone, our engineered solutions secure your freestanding channel letter structures, ensuring your business stands out. Let Tangerine Sign Studio install stunning channel letter marquees that showcase your business identity, captivating passersby and driving traffic to your door.

Monument Signs

Freestanding monument signs mark entrances for retail centers, apartment complexes, and business parks, guiding both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Tangerine Sign Studio constructs durable signs with brickwork bases and towering structures, showcasing essential IDs and tenant listings. Our designs feature materials like aluminum, acrylic, and weatherproof graphics for clear readability at a distance.

Strategically positioned monument signs engineered for visibility steer customers directly to your location, ensuring lasting impact and guidance for years to come.


Wayfinding Signs

Navigate sprawling campuses, parks, and centers effortlessly with Tangerine Sign Studio’s exterior wayfinding signs. Our designs feature maps and directional pointers, strategically guiding visitors across properties.

We prioritize logical traffic flows and prominent sign placement, employing human factors and graphic hierarchy principles for instant attention. Built to withstand UV, rain, and wind exposure, our sign materials ensure lasting legibility.

Let Tangerine Sign Studio implement thoughtful exterior wayfinding signage, ensuring visitors find their destinations with ease.


Tangerine Sign Studio crafts outdoor signs built to endure. From eye-catching storefronts to informative campus signage, our durable displays capture attention and showcase your brand for years to come. Monument signs welcome visitors, while wayfinding signs guide them through your facility. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs.

Let us create vibrant outdoor signage that reflects your unique identity and stands the test of time. Contact us today!

For businesses who see a lot of foot traffic, an A-Frame sign can help let people know about specials, promotions, or events you’re hosting. These signs are perfect for retailers or restaurants, and the face of the sign can be changed regularly to reflect current promotions.