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Custom small business signs

At Tangerine Sign Studio, we understand the pivotal role signage plays in making small businesses stand out. In today’s crowded market, conveying your brand identity and key offerings at a glance is essential for capturing attention and driving sales. We specialize in crafting customized, high-quality signs that help small business owners like you amplify visibility, effectively communicate with customers, and achieve growth objectives.

Whether producing bold banners, sleek dimensional letters, informative hours signs, or eye-catching grand opening displays, our locally built signs check every box for affordability, durability and design aligned with your brand story. Let us help you make an impression that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from competitors.

Tangerine Sign Studio supports small business owners in Woodstock and surrounding metro Atlanta cities through fabricating essential signage solutions personalized to your brand and objectives. Our experts guide you in amplifying visibility in a way that resonates with target audiences. Bold banners, sleek dimensional lettering, window graphics and celebratory grand opening promotions help you get noticed, communicate effectively and drive growth. Contact us to get started creating signage that helps your business thrive.

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POPULAR Small Business Sign PRODUCTS


Attention-grabbing banners provide small businesses an affordable, dynamic signage solution for promoting sales events, new locations and special offers. Their large format offers ample space for communicating messages clearly visible from a distance. Our custom water proof vinyl banners withstand outdoor elements and come in varied shapes and sizes to accommodate any venue.

Vibrant full-color printing technology ensures sharp, fade-resistant images and text that maintain clarity across banners’ lifetimes. We collaborate with you to design layouts incorporating brand elements tailored to your target demographics. Installation is simple for displaying banners long-term on storefronts or short-term at community functions.

Dimensional Letter Signs

Dimensional letter signs deliver unique depth, texture and elegance to small business storefronts. Our skilled artisans fabricate custom metal and acrylic signage with unique hand-cut letterforms and logos for your brand. Backlighting options provide crystal illumination for high visibility around the clock.

Building-mounted dimensional letters seamlessly integrate within existing architecture for a polished, intentional statement. We also install letters on backdrop panels offering contrast and space for secondary messaging. Our team helps determine optimal placement and lighting to make your establishment identifiable from blocks away.

Grand Opening Signs

Grand openings generate critical excitement and first impressions for blossoming startups. Tangerine Sign Studio prepares cohesive signage packages to help your business celebrate launch milestones in style. Bold banners, sleek window graphics and specialty displays announce your arrival while conveying core offerings.

Our grand opening packages incorporate visual elements that harmonize with your branding for continuity across assets reinforcing your unique identity. We guide you in maximizing promotional opportunities leading up to and throughout launch events to attract curious patrons that become loyal advocates. Let us help your new venture put its best face forward.

Window Graphics

Engaging Transform your storefront windows into vibrant brand canvases with Tangerine Sign Studio’s window graphics. We create eye-catching decals showcasing your products, promotions, and brand story. Choose from subtle branding elements or eye-popping sale announcements.

Our translucent vinyl lets potential customers see inside while still displaying your message. We strategically place decals to maximize impact, featuring logos, menus, and seasonal specials. Our durable decals are easy to apply, remove, and customize to perfectly match your brand.

Let Tangerine Sign Studio help you tell your brand story and capture attention from every passerby. Contact us today!