Gas Stations

Custom gas station signs

At Tangerine Sign Studio, we fuel gas stations’ visibility through crafting eye-catching signage tailored to meet branding, regulatory, and functional needs. Our locally fabricated signs employ weather-resistant materials built to maintain a professional appearance over years of use. With illuminated displays, colorful graphics, and essential messaging, we create signage that helps gas stations stand out while providing patrons the information they require during fill ups. Explore how our specialty signs can amplify your pumps’ visibility and keep customers informed during every visit.

  • Vinyl Decals
  • LED Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Channel Letters


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Pylon Signs

Outdoor Pylon signs situated along roads help identify station locations to passing traffic. They provide high visibility above obstructions, allowing motorists to spot your brightly lit branding from blocks away. We engineer tall metal support frames built to withstand wind, rain, and sun exposure while meeting municipality ordinances. These signs can then be customized with interchangeable messaging panels, logo backlighting, or digital screens promoting real-time fuel price updates. 

Pylon signs with bright LEDs and bold colors make your gas station a beacon, even at highway speeds. No more confusing turnoffs – make drivers see you loud and clear.

LED Signs

Vivid LED price displays allow stations to clearly showcase gallon fuel rates right at the pump. These eye-catching digital displays feature automated updates synced directly with internal pricing systems to ensure accuracy. Cloud-based controls enable convenient offsite changes so multiple signs across the property instantly reflect pricing adjustments. We configure sleek LED layouts in protective metal encasements that meet hazardous environmental requirements while providing glare-free readability from all angles.

Accurate fuel price LED displays provide essential visibility so motorists can confidently select the right pump. They also enable staff to rapidly update costs digitally without needing to change out individual numbers manually.

Vinyl Decals

Adhesive vinyl decals provide affordable branding and promotional opportunities when applied to fuel dispensers, coolers, windows, or vehicle bumpers. These full color printed graphics withstand chemical fumes and intense UV rays at pumps without fading or peeling. Changeable decals make refreshing imagery, highlighting new products, or advertising limited-time specials simple through easy application over existing graphics. We print customized decals in any size, shape and color combination.

Removable vinyl station decals enable easy seasonal updates. Holiday-themed designs could decorate dispensers in winter while vibrant summer graphics are swapped in during warmer months. Swap designs with ease and keep your customers engaged!  Get a quote on custom vinyl decals today.

Tangerine Sign Studio offers gas stations essential signage like tall roadside pylons, illuminated LED price boards, bold channel letters, and vibrant pump decals that amplify visibility while providing needed info to patrons. Our locally built signs withstand weathering and satisfy codes over long lifetimes. Ready to drive more traffic to your pumps? Let’s chat about sign solutions that fuel discoverability and engagement!

Channel Letters

Bold channel letter signs prominently spell out station names or brand logos atop canopy edges or buildings for enhanced curbside visibility. These sleek, backlit illuminated letterforms create a vibrant glow easily identifiable from blocks away even in overcast conditions. Durable aluminum construction resists weathering and fuels, and insects so professional aesthetics withstand years of use. We customize sizing, fonts, colors, logos and lighting to seamlessly match existing branding. 

Standing out in a crowded area can be tough. That’s where channel letter signs can be your solution. These bright signs make your gas station a spotlight, even at night or in areas new to some drivers.

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