Commercial Signs

Custom commercial signs

The signage adorning commercial properties shapes key first impressions while providing essential identification. Monument signs announce retail centers from roadsides. Dimensional building letters convey brand essence to neighborhoods. Wayfinding directories simplify navigation across hospitals and civic centers.

As a leading Atlanta sign company serving commercial clients, Tangerine Sign Studio understands the pivotal roles signage plays for multi-tenant retail centers, bustling hospitality venues, professional office spaces and sprawling municipal properties. Let’s explore core signage essentials for enhancing functionality, visibility and aesthetics across key commercial settings.

  • Monument Signs
  • ADA Signage
  • Pylon Signs
  • Channel Letter Signs


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Monument Signs

Freestanding monument signs prominently identify shopping plazas, medical centers, business parks and mixed-use developments from nearby roads. Soaring above eye level with ample text size and spacing, monuments actively signal destinations for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Tangerine Sign Studio constructs monument signs optimized for high visibility across large complexes. Brickwork bases uphold towering sign structures displaying essential tenant listings and navigational details. Strategically positioned monuments help steer customers directly into your location.

Dimensional Building Letters

Dimensional building letters boldly announce commercial identities to surrounding neighborhoods. Towering three-dimensional letterforms prominently identify company names and key divisions from afar. Our installers engineer solutions for safely mounting oversized lettering across building facades without disrupting structural integrity.

For retail centers, dimensional letters naming plazas establish continuity across storefront signage. Hotels rely on grand lettering visible down boulevards to signal lodging availability. Professional office spaces gain refined corporate presence through sleek aluminum or backlit acrylic letters.

ADA Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes crucial regulations requiring braille translations and tactile signs enabling intuitive navigation for visually and physically impaired audiences. As ADA compliance experts, Tangerine Sign Studio advises commercial clients on current ADA guidelines impacting required signage upgrades.

Our tactile signs incorporate essential raised characters and braille translations meeting ADA standards for doors, directories, restrooms and parking facilities. We audit existing signage to determine areas needing additional accessibility accommodations, then handle fabricating and installing intuitive tactile wayfinding systems.

Ensure unrestricted access to amenities and navigation aids through Tangerine Sign Studio’s ADA signage.

Pylon Signs

Street-level pylon signs leverage powerful visibility for drivers and pedestrians to help steer customers toward businesses located off major roads. Tangerine Sign Studio constructs towering pylon signs along high-traffic corridors, safely situated along sightlines to effectively capture attention spans.

Vivid tenant sign panels incorporate essential business names and logos for clear recognition. Digital displays can also integrate to promote daily specials, fuel prices or room vacancies. Durable steel frames finished in black, bronze or custom colors uphold weatherproof sign faces sized for readable details.

Channel Letter Signs

Dimensional channel letter signs clearly identify storefronts along bustling retail and entertainment corridors. As experts producing these versatile signs, Tangerine Sign Studio constructs gorgeous illuminated letters customizable in sizes, materials and schemes.

Bold aluminum and sleek acrylic options project dimensional depth and integrate lighting elements seamlessly into letter channel construction. We advise businesses on ideal letter sizing, positioning and lighting formats to distinctly identify storefronts.

Vehicle Wraps

The fleet vehicles businesses utilize offer prime canvases for conveying identities and offerings across communities. Tangerine Sign Studio produces stunning full-wrap graphics that make vehicles into moving billboards through vibrant designs and durable vinyl films contoured flawlessly across intricate vehicle surfaces.

Beyond wrapping delivery trucks and cargo vans, even staff commuter cars can amplify exposure. Let our eye-catching car and truck wraps drive branding opportunities across daily routes.

Signage Built to Withstand Commercial Demands

The signage needs spanning busy retail centers, hospitality venues and professional spaces demand durable materials, strategic visibility and intuitive messaging. Tangerine Sign Studio delivers solutions up to commercial challenges through signs expertly designed to identify, direct and inform.

Contact our team today to explore essential signage for the commercial settings your business occupies. From illuminated dimensional letters to tactile ADA signs, let Tangerine Sign Studio optimize functionality and aesthetics.