Channel Letter Signs

Custom channel letter signs

Tired of generic signage that blends into the background? Our company specializes in crafting exceptional channel letter signs that amplify your brand and captivate customers. As experts in crafting high-impact channel letters, we understand how impactful high-quality displays are for reinforcing your unique identity and attracting more attention than generic signage. This comprehensive guide explores the customized channel letter options we offer to match different aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Discover how sleek illuminated lettering can transform plain building facades into vibrant focal points showcasing what your business offers.

  • Combo-Lit
  • Front-Lit
  • BackLit
  • Open-Face


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POPULAR Channel Letter Sign PRODUCTS


Combo-lit channel letters fuse both front-lit and reverse-lit elements for a striking sign with depth and dimension. This innovative hybrid design highlights letter contours with a radiant halo while illuminating faces for crisp visibility day and night. The interplay between glow and sheen adds artistic flair your business can leverage to communicate style and sophistication. We fabricate combo-lit signs using premium materials like aluminum returns and acrylic fronts and carefully configured LEDs to achieve perfect illumination balance. This ensures exceptional durability and energy efficiency with a polished look that reflects your brand’s unique style


Front-lit channel letters offer brilliance through faces illuminated to match your brand palette. Vibrant LEDs shine directly through durable translucent acrylic cast in dimensional contours with aluminum returns for a classic style. Crisp letterforms pop from buildings, conveying professionalism and quality with clarity during daylight and at night when only the sign appears lit. Our designers incorporate unique fonts, shapes and signature colors into the custom lettering, transferring your brand identity to your business façade.


Backlit channel letters cast a refined glow with halo-effect lighting positioned behind the returns, creating an elegant, illusion of depth compared to flat signs. Careful LED placement casts uniform luminosity to ensure visibility for standout curb appeal. Built to last from aluminum and acrylic, these dimensional letters withstand harsh while maintaining their refined look. We help businesses elevate their brand prestige through backlit signage and strategic installation locations attracting discerning clientele.


Open-face channel letters make vibrant statements by fully exposing neon tubes or LED strips within translucent returns. This showcases the lighting elements while creating an electrifying glow sure to get noticed. This dynamic display adds bold impact, perfect for businesses seeking a lively, creative vibe Built for longevity from durable materials, these customizable letters can be sized and shaped to match your logo designs. Our team helps you select colors and animated lighting effects infusing your  unique brand personality into signage with maximum visibility.